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What past participants had to say:

"I hadn't signed up for Phlorographers Unite! 2017, but after attending the meet and greet with a friend and seeing many people whose work I admired and getting a real time feel for the presenters I knew I couldn't pass up this opportunity. Each presenter willingly shared their knowledge and time with us. The high point of the workshop for me was getting one-on-one time with Jackie as she showed me how to use my Lensbaby Composer and Sweet 35 to get the results I'd been looking for. She was more than happy to do so and our mini-session did not end until she was sure I had gained both skill and confidence. The workshop was a 5 stars in my book. I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in floral photography." ~Denise Love-Adams


"This was a soulful event that you put together. I am amazed at all the wonderful people I got to meet ... all because of you. I call people like those we shared time with "People of the Light". " ~Barry Robinson


" I came away confident where I am as a photographer, but also knowing I need to continue to grow. Learning new tech is difficult for me, but I will persevere. It was such a blessing to be among friends who share the same passion." ~Ron Metz


"New friends, new techniques, new experiences and a new place to explore with my camera. Pair that with a stellar organizer - with talent, with experience and best of all, with heart - and you have it all. I enjoyed being at this workshop so much." ~Nancy Kirkpatrick


"Thank you for hosting the Phlorographers Unite 2017 workshop this week - presentations at the workshop inspired me to persist though learning curve barriers. I am most grateful!" ~Holly Elmore

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