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Friendships Forged through Flowers

Flowers often bring a smile to peoples' faces. They are sent to loved ones and friends for occasion and milestones, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, weddings, graduation ceremonies, and celebrations of life, to name a few.

Flowers inherently elicit positive feelings that touch more than just the giver and the recipient. It's common to hear floral photographers, Phlorographers, express anxiety during long winter months that are void of color. I refer to that as "floral withdrawal." When we "bank" our images and keep them alive throughout the year, it helps in more ways than one.

Many friendships have been made and nurtured thanks to the shared passion for both flowers and photography. Some of these relationships span thousands of miles, courtesy of the internet. It's sometimes hard to believe how many members of our Phlorography group have actually had the good fortune to meet in person and strengthen an already lovely friendship. Stay tuned for more as a group of us will meet next week in Denver for the 2nd annual Phlorographers Unite! conference!

Nigellas are featured in images by photographers from around the world in:


Photographers (from top left): Heléna Adelmann (Sweden), Trudy Ray (Tennessee), Sonja Cvorvic (Serbia), Cheryl Belczak (New York), Gwen Gibbons (California), Gretchen Gill Plotkin (California), Marion Bucella (Ontario), Kim Lewin (Ohio), Arnie Cohen (Alaska), Polina Plotnikova (United Kingdom), Astrid Barnhorn (Netherlands), Patsy Hall (Florida), Pamela Lambros (Connecticut), Salmah MK (Malaysia), Jackie Kramer (Florida), Susan Gary (California), Erika Fawcett (Maryland), Linda Franklin (Florida), and Natalia - Наталья Ушакова (Moscow)



Just a few fun shots....

Above in the garden at Government House, Victoria, B.C.: Doug Bascom, Susan Baxter, Joan Nunn, me, Linda Franklin, and Debbie Omstead. Photo by guest photographer, Olis Garber.

Guest instructor, Heléna Adelmann, is surrounded by friends before touring the gardens in Victoria, B.C., from left:

Breanna Choat, Debby Stubbs, Kim Lewin, Helen Jo Pierce, Kris McCleary, Martin Ray, Trudy Ray, Detlef Adelmann, Heléna, myself, Gary Steinfort, Charlene Rector, Donna Steinfort, Arnie Cohen, & Patsy Hall.

Above: Linda Franklin & myself at Abkhazi Garden in Victoria.

Above: Reidar Sundby and Detlef Adelmann at The Teahouse overlooking Abkhazi Garden.

Above: Charlene Rector & Kris McCleary at The Teahouse at Abkhazi Garden.

Meeting Linda Torbert was the highlight for me at the Professional Photographers of America Imaging USA Conference in Nashville this January. It was through Nancy Rotenberg that our paths crossed when I saw Linda's name inside the cover of Nancy's book, Photography and the Creative Life. I felt that we were destined to become friends, something you can't quite put into words, and acted on it by reaching out to her on Facebook. Through a series of serendipitous events, and thanks to Laura Moul's diligence, we finally met in person! Nancy is one of my greatest sources of inspiration and, now, so is Linda!

Our souls blossom with bonds like this!

Cards, online posts, an art project, a walk or picnic together in a local garden, fresh flowers.... These are but some of the myriad ways we can brighten someone's day. Take a few minutes to make make the world a happier place and make a new friend, pick up where you left off with an existing friend, rekindle a long lost relationship, and/or send some cheer to a family member.

Reach out and touch someone today!

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